Jennifer Tonna, RN

After 23 years of hospital nursing, I chose to take that hospital imperative to “get things done” into the community.  Emerald Groves South (EGS), a 7000 square foot home was our first facility. It was established and licensed by the Arizona State Health Department in 2001 following two years of planning and grounds-up custom construction.  Similarly, Emerald Groves North (EGN), our second facility, a 7200 square foot home was custom built and licensed by the State of Arizona in 2005.  Construction on my third and largest facility, Emerald Groves Central (EGC), a 22,000 square foot assisted living center, was completed and subsequently licensed in June of 2009. By design, all three facilities are ADA-friendly with wide hallways, doorways and no-threshold showers.  Their architecture and acreage of surrounding citrus trees blend into the upscale residential neighborhoods within the citrus belt of North-East Mesa, Arizona.  Throughout the design and construction processes, we have maintained the home-like appearance - carefully avoiding the appearance of an institution. Unless I’m on vacation, I am usually reachable 24/7 and can respond to an urgent need at any of my three facilities within minutes.  My world is just 1.5 miles across.


Staff members are state-certified caregivers and managers.  Together, we all focus on every day-to-day health and wellness of our residents. Teamwork, an atmosphere of camaraderie, a sense of belonging, and the enjoyment of learning have all created a cohesive work environment with a minimal turn over rate.

Community Partners

Our Emerald Groves facilities enjoy an excellent reputation among health care providers such as doctors, hospitals and hospices.  Because of our willingness to meet the unique physical and mental challenges of our residents, it has positioned us as first choice by many doctors not only for their patients, but also for their own parents.  This same satisfaction is also recognized by placement (referral) agencies.

Haven’t forgotten my second love, teaching, in addition to the ongoing training of our staff, I am also an educator for AMTI, a training institute for state-certified caregivers, CNAs and managers.

Management Philosophy

This is simple ……
Our Residents’ well being and comfort come first.
All other managerial policies spring from this axiom.  We want to be your first choice for this important move.